• Poverty is not Natural

    Why is poverty and economic security not reducing amidst the enormous increased wealth we’ve seen on the planet so far? In Poverty is not Natural, the author George Curtis draws upon the work of 19th-century American economist, Henry George. It was George who looked into the cause of wealth disparity during the Industrial Revolution. George

  • BOOK REVIEW: How our Economy really works

    The author, is, unusually for a supporter of land value taxation and free trade, a graduate in economics, having gained a first class honours degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Oxford. This puts him in the advantageous position of being able to apply a critique of mainstream economics in its own

  • Should the World Economic Forum prioritise Climate Change over Economics?

    In their Global Risks Report the World Economic Forum listed five environmental issues as the top risks to the global economy in 2020, overshadowing all other risks, including economic, and called for a new “growth paradigm” that addresses the interconnectedness of socio-economic factors with climate change. In an article entitled ‘The Greening of Mrs Thatcher’,

  • Poverty is not Natural

    The first United Nations Sustainable Development Goal is to ‘End poverty in all its forms everywhere’, and yet regardless of whether there is a left wing, right wing or centrist government in power, the gap between rich and poor continues to increase, suggesting some common cause that is being overlooked. Nelson Mandela maintained in his

  • How Our Economy Really Works

    Why does poverty still beset a large number of people, whilst others are grossly well-off?’ Why are house prices continuously rising much faster than inflation? Why do the majority of workers find themselves as employees in jobs that give them little real sense of fulfilment? Why is a multi-national coffee shop franchise not actually making

  • Understanding Land-value Taxation

    Over the last year or so there have been a number of articles broaching the subject of land-value taxation in the national press. The Economist (9th August) even suggested ‘The time may be right for land-value taxes’, but there is also much misunderstanding about that a land-value tax (LVT) is. In the first place it

  • The End of Taxation

    By Dr Peter Bowman The market mechanism provides the most efficient way of allocating the resources of an economy. Yet public services, which can count for around half of economic activity, are charged for indirectly through taxes which have no direct connection to what the payer receives in return. These taxes have many adverse effects

  • Overcoming Poverty

    In Progress and Poverty Henry George sought the ‘cause of industrial depressions and the increase of want with the increase of wealth’ and offered a ‘remedy’ which remains as relevant to the problems of poverty and inequality we face today, as when he first wrote, but it also opens a new way of dealing with