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Ethical Economics is a part of Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers

At Shepheard-Walwyn, we seek to find new solutions to old problems, and in doing so, we want to tackle some of the injustices that we see today across the world. From this stance, Ethical Economics was born. The role of ethics in economics is vital. The journey to changing the way we view economics has started. We can do better.

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Image of a man giving food to a homeless man - for the Blog Post: Poverty Is Not Natural

In Poverty is not Natural, the author George Curtis draws upon the work of 19 th -century American economist, Henry George. It was George who looked into the cause of wealth disparity during the Industrial Revolution.

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Image from Blog Post: Famous Buildings Tell the Future

It’s a well-known fact that the world’s most renowned construction projects, monuments and buildings have historically been built to celebrate something.

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Image of Wintery Dark Green Forest for the Blog Post: An Economy in Harmony with the Environment

Currently the growth model of economics, as measured by GDP, is on a collision course with environmental limits. The idea of endless growth is incompatible with what Nature can provide. So what is the alternative?

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Image of the book How Our Economy Really Works

For those who have studied in one of the few institutions which has continued to teach economics in the classical tradition, this volume is a useful compendium …

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