According to a report in The Times (17/7/20), the campaign to make ‘ecocide’ an international crime at the International Criminal Court begun by Polly Higgins, who died last year, has been picked up by ‘Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel peace prizewinner [who] has joined Greta Thunberg and 150 celebrities and scientists calling on world leaders to make ecocide – the mass damage of nature – a criminal offence … Such a law could make company bosses and government ministers responsible for funding, permitting or causing severe environmental damage.’

‘They have written an open letter urging governments to “face up to the climate emergency” and take immediate steps to cut emissions. Greta Thunberg ‘said that climate change needed to be treated as an “existential crisis … as long as it is not we can have as many of these climate change negotiations and talks, conferences as possible [but they] won’t change a thing.”’