At a recent event, the Council of Georgist Organizations Conference, Anthony Werner and Fred Harrison were honoured for their contributions to Ethical Economics.

Fred Harrison, the author of Rent Unmasked, The Power In The Land – 2nd Edition and several other books about Land-Value Taxation received the prize for Economic Justice: Educator. Anthony Werner, Publisher and owner of Shepheard-Walwyn publishers was awarded the Economic Justice: Advocate Award. Both were honoured for their contribution to the field of Georgist Economics, where Land-Value taxation is seen as a crucial way of introducing a more fair society for all. Several of the books in Shepheard-Walwyn’s Ethical Economics list look at this economic theory in some detail. For a basic introduction take a look around this Ethical Economics website or dip into some of our books.

Here is a video in which Anthony accepts the awards on behalf of both gentlemen.

Anthony was the guest speaker at the event. A video of his talk, A Principled Approach to Economics can be found here.