We are delighted to congratulate Fred Harrison on the receipt of his Best Achievement Award at The People’s Book Prize award ceremony in Stationers Hall. After June’s election result it is clear that many of the UK’s population are no longer supportive of the Conservatives’ austerity measures and are looking for a way to introduce equality and reduce poverty. This swing towards Jeremy Corbyn’s policies shows a thirst for a fairer society. This book outlines a way this might be achieved.

Fred received some glowing endorsements from the readers of his book:

“Absolutely timely, this book examines old problems through a fresh lens and offers policy solutions that would make a more equitable world possible.”

Fred Harrison accepts award

“A book that evaporates the illusions, foisted on us from birth by rent-seekers. We collectively produce plenty of wealth to fund the services we all need. Here is revealed how to find, claim and collect it. To cancel inequality!”

“The book discusses the cause of inequality, the unbelievably high cost of home ownership or apartment rentals – taking between a third and a half of poor people’s income, and the reason why national debts often exceed the GNP’s of many nations with no solution in sight as debts climb higher. It also offers solutions, something apparently beyond the capabilities of most contemporary politicians.”

Here is a video which shows the presentation of his prize, his acceptance speech and an interview, in which Fred offers some excellent insights into this solution.

Rent Unmasked is a series of lectures in honour of Mason Gaffney.

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