Tom Burgess is the author of our latest book, From Here to Prosperity. Like many of us, Tom is angered and frustrated by the high level of inequality in our society and would like to bring about greater social justice. His book is written in a common sense style and is based around what he calls “An Agenda for Progressive Prosperity”. Rather than write a lengthy book identifying and explaining the problems, Tom focuses on the solutions and does so by laying out five easy to understand policies.

In a series of guest blog posts, Tom will talk through each of these policies one at a time, explaining how his proposals can help to move towards his overall goal of “Income for me/wealth for we”, which means that we keep more of the income we earn and share more equitably the wealth we create jointly.

The five policies are:

-A tax based on personal assets to be introduced (Making Wealth Fair)

-The wealth created to be shared through encouraging greater corporate responsibility (Social Offsetting)

-A living wage to be the minimum wage (Fair Pay all the Way)

-Income tax to be abolished (You earned it)

-Infrastructure investment to be funded through reformed property Tax (Building  a better tomorrow, today)

Watch out over the coming weeks for Tom’s summaries of each of these policies. Or, if you don’t want to wait, then order his book from us now.