The Church Times in London have made a selection of the 100 Best Christian Books. The editor writes: ‘Human progress involves assimilating the wisdom of past generations, and building on it.’

One of Shepheard-Walwyn’s titles, Christianity and Social Order, has been ranked 35th. This classic, published as a Penguin Special in 1942 and republished by Shepheard-Walwyn in 1978 with a Foreword by Edward Heath, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1970-1974, gives lucid and forceful expression to the views of the Archbishop of Canterbury, known as the ‘People’s Archbishop’ for the radical but constructive way he challenged the established orders. Discussing how to achieve a proper balance between the profit motive and service to the community, and between the power of the state and of the individual, he wrote: ‘The art of government in fact is the art of so ordering life that self-interest prompts what justice demands’.

‘It brings home to everyone of us the continuing importance of being able to rely on a body of principle by which our plans and our actions can be both motivated and judged.
Edward Heath