To test the practicality of Polly Higgins’ proposal to make Ecocide a crime, a mock trial was held in the UK Supreme Court in September 2011 at which the two Chief Executives of two fictional oil companies were found guilty by the jury of the crime of Ecocide.

As a further test of the practicality Polly Higgins’ proposal, on 31st March at the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution at the University of Essex in Colchester, the two CEOs will be sentenced. They will be offered a process of restorative justice. Leading lawyers, including Michael Mansfield QC, journalists, businesspeople, academics and campaigners will take part in the sentencing process.

“The sentencing is unique in bringing the head of a corporation face to face with those affected by their company’s destructive practices, including representatives speaking on behalf of birds and other natural life, indigenous peoples and future generations in this case based on real-world oil extraction in the Canadian tar sands.”

In the news this week: “Brazilian prosecutors say they will bring criminal charges,  including “environmental crimes”, against 17 executives from the US oil company Chevron and drilling contractor Transocean after a new leak of crude oil.”