Polly Higgins, the author of Eradicating Ecocide features in a new youtube video which has just been released.

From 21st Feb to 15th March, she will be visiting Canada and the United States for a book and lecture tour. We will be updating the dates and venues as they are confirmed:

Feb 17 – 20: Toronto. Feb 18: 4pm at Friend’s meeting house
Feb 20 – 23: Vancouver. Feb 21: 1.30pm, West Coast Environmental Law
Feb 23 – 25: Boulder, CO: 3 days at the Tobias Leadership Conference
March 4 – 5: Los Angeles, CA: March 5: 12pm, UCLA
March 6: Berkeley, CA. 7pm (venue tbc)
March 7: San Francisco, CA. 7pm (venue tbc)
March 8: San Francisco, CA. 12.30pm, Tides Foundation lunch, Thoreau Center in the Presidio.
March 8: San Raphael, CA. 7pm, A Dialogue with Bill Twist of Pachamama Alliance and Polly Higgins about Earth Law and Rights of Nature.
March 9: San Francisco, CA. 7pm, Revving Up for Rio: Earth Law.

Earth, My Valentine

We all need new, inspiring ways of opening our leaders’ eyes to the beautiful world we want, where people and our planet are put first. In keeping with the tradition of Valentine’s Day and sending love letters, the Earth Community Trust Charity has set up a website for everyone to send Love Letters to the Earth!  Write your message of why you care about the Earth and share it with a loved one. It’s a fun, alternative, positive way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day and beyond. You can also illustrate your Love Letter with a beautiful work of art. There have already been submissions coming in from around the world.

This will be a campaign that grows – they are aiming to collect 1 million Love Letters in the run-up to the Earth Summit in Rio in June. They will be sharing these with world leaders, showing them how much support there is for creating laws to protect the Earth and making Ecocide a crime.

On the 13th and 14th of February, they are having a 2-day tweeting / emailing / Facebooking extravaganza! Join them online as they send the word out to celebrities, artists, high-profile figures from the Dalai Lama to Hollywood, asking them to send a Love Letter too. If you are in London, you may be able to join them at their new popup office space – please email [email protected] for details.