Rebalancing Society – The Invisible Claw of Predatory Capitalism

My guest today is Professor Henry Mintzberg, Cleghorn Chair of Management Studies at McGill University in Canada.

Henry is the author of over 20 books focusing on management, organisations, strategy, healthcare and Rebalancing Society, the primary focus of this conversation.

He has pioneered a more practical and profitable approach to manager development as co-founder of the International Masters Program for Managers and the International Masters for Health Leadership, and champions the value of experienced managers over MBAs.

He has received an extraordinary number of awards and citations in his 60-year career including the Order of Canada and twenty-one honorary degrees from universities around the world. He was described by Tom Peters as perhaps the world’s premier management thinker.

In the first part of this conversation, we discuss the need to rebalance society through more practical and prophetic management approaches. We explore the flawed nature of our current economic system, which leads to power concentration in privileged elites. We also look at how disengagement and indifference are growing in society, particularly in the workplace. We then begin to explore how citizens could restructure our society to foster more community and engagement to correct these imbalances.