Rebalancing Society – How We Can Improve Business Performance and Rebalancing Society

Welcome back to the second part of our interview with Professor Henry Mintzberg, Cleghorn Chair of Management Studies at McGill University in Canada.

Henry is the author of over 20 books focusing on management and strategy including his 2015 work, Rebalancing Society, the primary focus of these conversations.

In the first episode, we gained an overview of Henry’s work and the theoretical underpinnings of Rebalancing Society.

In this conversation, we begin with an exploration of how a leader could apply Henry’s research and practice to run a more successful organisation and, in so doing, help rebalance society. We explore how a more human-centred approach to leadership, with an emphasis on customer and stakeholder experience, and how valuing experienced managers over MBA-holding external hires with increased collaboration can transform outcomes for everyone. To help shape the dialogue, we use an example of a healthcare business, but the actions could work in most organisations.